Narwhal Exchange Chart
Decentralized Perpetual Exchange
Zero fee to post orders, non-custodial
Trade BTC, ETH, and more with up to 200x leverage directly from your wallet.
Narwhal Exchange Chart
High Leverage Perpetual Trading
Uniwhale offers perpetual trading with up to 200X leverage on a number of pairs.
Lower Risk of Liquidation
Uniwhale aggregates multiple Oracles to protect you from harmful candle wicks.
Zero Price Impact
Uniwhale offers pre-determined spread with low transaction fees.
Real-Yield Earning
Providing stablecoin liquidity to Uniwhale is hassle-free and impermanent-loss free. Everyone is encouraged to be a liquidity provider and earn passive market making yield.
NFT-based Trading Incentives
Unique ecosystem NFTs with fee earnings and trading use cases.
No Credit Risk
Uniwhale is a fully decentralized exchange, which means you have the full ownership and control of your assets with zero credit risk.
Available on your preferred network
Uniwhale will be live on BNB / Arbitrum / Polygon / Avalanche